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Benny Jones Jr., Project+, Security+

About Me

Benny has more than seventeen years of experience in technology, project management, management and operations with competencies in the following: digital marketing marketing, marketing operations, budget planning, and strategic planning.

In addition, Benny has acquired the knowledge and is certified by CompTIA to: Install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; and participate in risk mitigation activities.


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities


More than 17 years IT experience, 6 years management, 10 years project management experience.

Project & Biz Analysis

Develop project plans, assign work to project resources, and ensure deliverables support business goals.


Manage planning and operational processes across including budgets, technology, projects and KPI's.

UX & Digital Marketing

Use knowledge of SEO, web optimization, analytics, and user experience to develop digital strategies.


Technical Skill Levels



Digital Marketing

Project Management


Software & Technology

Software Skill Levels

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft SharePoint

Adobe Cloud





Liquid Planner

Technology Skill Levels


Google Analytics

Sitecore CMS

Rythmyx CMS



September 2020 - Present

Manager, Technology & Analytics

Manage, integrate, and evolve marketing technology stack to align with the strategic goals. Ensure technologies accurately capture and exchange data to generate actionable insights and optimize performance. Work with key executives and stakeholders to understand short and long-term data needs to generate reports and dashboards.

January 2018 - 2020

Director, Marketing Technology & Operations

Manage planning and operational processes across the marketing department, including performance management, budget planning and strategic projects. Develop and recommend operational processes that improve Marketing’s value and contribution to the organization.

2016 - 2018

Director User Research & Design

Plans, directs, and ensures the successful management of user experience and digital business solutions, managing five or more specialists, part of an agile cross-functional team including:usability/user-experience analyst, information architect; designers; content editors; digital/social strategist; 

2014 - 2016

Director, Web & Digital Projects

Plans, directs, and ensures the successful management of web and digital business solutions including managing five digital project managers. Works with project managers to prioritize project work, estimate resource needs, assess risks, report critical milestones, and ensure project effectiveness.

2008 - 2014

Digital Project Manager

Lead the development, planning and implementation of web projects, evaluate user research, webanalytics, usability standards and other data to assess the feasibility for assigned projects.

other work experiences

Nov 2007 - Present

Adjunct Instructor

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Engage in the classroom and reply to emails, etc. within 24 hours including one day during the weekend. Be a faculty leader in your classes embracing USDLA Quality Standards, Quality Matters, and Canvas Exemplary effective practices. Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and papers within the time-frame set forth by University policy providing effective feedback to guide student learning and success.


Master Business Administration

Entrepreneurship specialization

The MBA in Entrepreneurship degree specialization provides you with the skills to both launch a new business and function successfully in an established corporation that employs entrepreneurial management strategies. As you analyze business strategies and explore how to secure funding, you will also learn how to write business plans, develop marketing strategies, and examine potential markets ripe for an entrepreneurial enterprise. The courses offered in this degree program provide you with the opportunity to test theories, models, and strategies through a case-based study approach.

Bachelor of Science

Exercise & Sport Science

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Exercise Physiology is the study of anatomical physiological, and psychological consquences to human movement and their relationship to health and disease.


Benny Jones Jr, CompTIA Project+ Certification

CompTIA Project+

CompTIA Project+ certification covers project management methdology, constraints, change, tools and documentation.

DMI - American Marketing Association PCM-Digital Marketing Certification

DMI/AMA Digital Marketing

The American Marketing Association PCM® designation is earned by demonstrating
digital marketing knowledge and best practices.  

Benny Jones Jr, AMA-PCM Marketing Management Certification 2019-08-20

AMA Marketing Management

The American Marketing Association PCM® designation is earned by demonstrating
marketing knowledge and best practices.

Nielsen Norman Group (NNG)

Completed 40 hours of training and show proficiency in measuring UX, usability testing, and UX deliverables.

Benny Jones Jr, CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ certification assesses the knowledge and skills required to assess, monitor, operate and identify security events and incidents.

Google Mobile Sites

Proficiency in mobile website concepts, including the following: value proposition of mobile websites, mobile web speed, user experience.

Google Analytics (GAIQ)

Proficiency in how to set tracking code, analyze reports, goals and campaign tracking.

Google Adwords Mobile

Proficiency in mobile fundamentals, bidding and targeting strategies, mobile ads, and measurement solutions.

Bing Advertising Professional

Proficiency in how to set tracking code, analyze reports, goals and campaign tracking.


Benny is a great asset to any team and was my “go-to” SEO team member...

Benny, the web project manager, facilitated the implementation of our content migration to Percussion Rhythymx Content Management System... 

Benny has not just been a Professor instructing a class in computers and applications, he has been more of a mentor...

I was fortunate to work with Benny.... Benny’s encouragement and dedication to the team was an integral part of my development both professionally and personally...

Benny is very dedicated to his team and to his constituents. He is a great representative to those that rely on him as he is determined to see issues through and follow up until he gets results...

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If you know of any opportunities that fit my background and experience please contact me.


904 - 425 - 5653

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