Benny has held technology and business positions within various industries including product and project management pertaining to Internet technologies and Course Management Systems.

Benny, holds an MBA with emphasis in entrepreneurism and is passionate about technology, marketing, financial and wellness strategies. Benny is a a strategic thinker and team player with more than 7 years of corporate and higher education work experience in internet technologies, project management, product management, and knowledge management, methodologies and technologies.

Benny is articulate and imaginative, a good listener, an effective group worker who will not go against the grain, manage my work effectively, quick thinking, exhibit leadership qualities, value knowledge and efficiency, set high standards for performance and apply them to myself, calm-collected-analytical, creative and resourceful.

Benny has consistently proven the ability to produce results in all positions undertaken and his diverse business and technical experience has helped him develop strong written communication, presentation, interpersonal and community relations skills.

Benny has leadership and team-building skills, coupled with the ability to direct customer focused teams and he is skilled at consulting with customers to delineate and analyze their business requirements and processes in order to develop business solutions in support of their strategic planning goals.

Benny has a love for learning and collaborating with others who love to learn. Benny believes that education is perhaps the most important function performed in our culture, or for that matter, any culture. When everything else fails, the passion will get you through and ultimately determine your success or failure in the endeavor.